Favorite Fiction & Non-Fiction Portmenteau

from The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu (1931-) and Mpho Tutu:

“Without forgiveness, we remain tethered to the person who harmed us. We are bound with chains of bitterness, tied together, trapped. Until we can forgive the person who harmed us, that person will hold the keys to our happiness, that person will be our jailor. When we forgive, we take back control of our own fate and our feelings. We become our own liberators.”

from There Was A Country by Chinua Achebe (1930-2013):

“The Igbo believe that art, religion, everything, the whole of life are embodied in the art of masquerade. It is dynamic. It is not allowed to remain stationary. For instance, museums are unknown among the Igbo people. They do not contemplate the idea of having something like a canon with the postulate: This is how this sculpture should be made, and once it’s made it should be venerated.”

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