Interview: Dawnette Blackwood- Rhoomes

Interview by Yon Walls


Hi Dawnette !

I’m tickled silly to finally interview you. It’s been months getting you published on SpicyLetter. Truly the timing is just right in celebration of Valentine’s Day and African-American History Month.Your work also is the first of its genre on SpicyLetter-– a romance that incorporates a Christian theme. I’m excited to talk to you from the standpoint of literary perspective and how your theme informs the secular ongoing discussion of books. I also think it’s pretty courageous for a writer to claim a non-secular theme that perhaps will narrow your reading audience. Or… maybe not.

Tell us about Writing for Love…

My latest book, published in December 2014, is my first full-length christian romance novel. Writing for Love is romantic, almost a fairy-tale where girl meets boy and they fall in love, however, faith is the central theme of the book and how God can fulfill our deepest, innermost desires.

The book begins with the main character Willow Pichard who enters a writing competition and decides to create a romance novel about the biblical romance of Esther and the King. The two stories parallel each other and then Willow realizes that what she’s writing in her fictional story of Esther and the King, transcends  her own life and she gets caught up in a romance drama with heir of Wichkam Enterprises, Chad Wickham. Now she wonders how to finish the manuscript, since it’s playing out so vividly in her life!

How long did it take you to complete this novel?

The basics (plot, characters, setting etc.) of the novel were done in one month in the NaNoWriMo writing competition in November 2012. Then I spent the rest of the time fleshing out the story and adding scenes and details to the book.

What do you think each of the characters in your story have in common? How are they alike?

As Writing for Love is a romance novel, the main characters (Esther and Willow) are looking for love. However, they are leaving such an important thing to faith and not to chance. Faith is an action of choice; we choose to exercise faith in something. Both Willow and Esther chose to allow God to shape their fairy tale romance.

What would you say is most important about writing romance? What do you think is most essential to all romance in story form or as novel?

I think free will is the most important element in a romantic story. By this I mean your main characters do not have to be conventional in their approach to love and romance. When writing romance, try to write as naturally as possible, letting the story flow, because stories tend to take on a life of their own. If you find yourself forcing the story line or forcing two unlikely people together in a romantic encounter, then your story plot won’t work. Just as we have free will in our lives to choose whom we fall in love with, so should the characters in our books.

Who do you read and do other authors influence what you write?

I read almost all kinds of genres. I especially like romance with a little suspense or mystery to it. I also like reading books that have an everyday life approach in their characters and setting. For example, author Joanne Trollope is especially skillful in creating characters in a real life setting. You feel as if you know the characters and the place they reside in by the time you are done reading the book! Of all her work, I like The Rector’s Wife the most.

Are you working on a new book?

Yes. I am currently working on a trilogy, The Cannon-Durnam Legacy. The first in the trilogy is The Virtuous Husband.

Thanks so much Dawnette. It’s been a delightful pleasure !!

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Dawnette Blackwood Rhoomes

Author & Designer

My books can be viewed on my website
Creative Editor for The Books Magazine and DBR Book News Weekly at DBR Books, a subsidiary of DB-R Designs Publishing.

Writer for Examiner, for which I review fiction/nonfiction and cookbooks.

Freelance Textile Designer.

Wife, and mother of two gorgeous boys.

By profession, I am a textile and graphic designer (and a proud graduate of the Parsons School of Design, NY). A writer at heart, I have successfully managed to combine design and writing in my work at DB-R Designs.

I began writing at a young age and I published my first book, The Women of Jesus, in 2005. To date I have five (5) published books. In addition, I have four books forthcoming. I am currently working on a trilogy, The Cannon-Durnam Legacy.

Here are the links for the book and the giveaway:



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