Editor’s Desk: An Appalachian Poem



Welcome Readers and Happy Summer !

For those of you who have included Seeing Colette on your summer reading list and want to know more about the book and its author, click onto The Books Magazine and get some of your questions answered about writing the book and much more.

Also, I’m especially excited about this summer issue as it features the work of seasoned and award-winning author Laurel Corona. Laurel’s work represents for me; that book that you pick up on a beach, on a late summer night with a wafting breeze or on a whirlwind vacation that you never forget! Her historical novels are also wonderful windows into stages of history that keep us wanting more. I’m thrilled to have interviewed her and hope you love my talk with her as much as I do. Just click on the Laurel Corona interview post.

I’m also pleased to present a poem from a lovely, heartbreaking handmade chapbook that I received in the mail a few days ago. The chapbook entitled, Marrow by Sabne Raznik from Applalachian, Pikeville, Kentucky, are poems that emerge from a deep place of suffering and anguish as experienced by children with cancer and their families. Reznik creates poems related their experiences that are unforgettable.

Only 100 copies of the chapbook were printed by Sabne to promote awareness and to raise funds for St. Jude’s hospital. The book is available through the eBay Giving Program. It’s a very important yellow ribbon cause that I’m glad to talk about on SpicyLetter. All proceeds from the book go to St. Jude’s Hospital to fund research for cures for childhood cancer. See below the chapbook’s title poem.

 Yon Walls, 2014






This suitcase is not even

Mine, and one bed or couch

is the same as another.


I stopped trying to remember.


Checking the cell phone for

Time and date and the news–


Two families are on the floor

In the hallway

Wailing for dead children–


I walk past, not looking.


Spring has come to spite us.

Somehow he sleeps.


Yesterday I told him

He would get well.

Today I pray that I didn’t lie.


The sun slams into

Carnivorous bones.


Cannibalistic blood.


photo (17)

Sabne Reznik is an internationally published poet, writer, book reviewer, guest blogger and photographer. She is also a singer/songwriter and sketch artist.

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