Editor’s Desk: Water Eternal


The persistent theme that emerges in poems of the most recent guest poets, Wang Ping and Janice Kvale, is the theme of water. Water is evoked or somewhere near the narrative edges of the works. Water speaks quietly or is a raging character instructing the reader about some aspect of the pulsing flow of humanity. Mostly, it gives us conversation and perhaps reassurance despite any sudden change, fogginess or important challenge or revelation.  In Ping’s first poem we are offered references to water as;

a Mid-April River, a river that whirls like a dervish… shining sea and waves of grain.

In Kvale’s poem we’re on the wave of the Louse Loop with the six smart women destined to arrive at a place. With this eternal element of our existence experienced in these poems, its affirms a truth I continue to re-meet: life and the act of creativity are interconnected. There is no distance or place or experience that separates them. Even when there’s the likelihood that we’ll never meet someone or never venture to a place, the eternal thread is there to re-discovered or excavated at a time or moment in existence when we least expect it.

Thanks for the water in these poems!

Yon Walls


Senior Editor

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