Preview Issue: Editor’s Desk; Poems


The ancient radiating bowl of light wraps its arms around everything– gives a new patina to the bamboo garden chairs changes the crisp poppies to an unrecognizable white, infusing present flesh through pelvic and muscle and memory As it moves deepest into the skein of atmosphere leaping over the opening pages of tree leaves, water sacred fire stone and soil, rejoicing the subtle display and minutes from its beginning hearts are sliced open completely


the intuitive path should lead to somewhere– laughter a best medicine at the turn of the road one metrical robed foot and then the next– great ideas sometimes clash! a more complex word will not do, faith and a good handshake is all yesterday the discovery of a new insect


didn’t know when to begin he then insisted I begin…. where do I begin? in the afternoon we imagine tea and water running over a crag and I pray the simple blooms to come now while I can stand the season of the knowledge of their passing and he laughs before the sun rises and we catch our breath and wait

Yon Walls


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